Plug your Kela pHR Card in to any USB port on a *Windows-based computer.

*The Kela pHR Card is currently compatible with Windows-based computers only, and not yet with Mac computers.

Depending on the version of Windows you are using, there are different methods for opening the software. If a pop-up appears, skip forward to Step 3.

For Windows 7 Users:
+ Click on Start Computer.
+ Click on Computer.

Double click on the KVault icon.

For Users of Windows XP and Older:
+ A window with either a Folder icon or the KVault icon should automatically pop up. (Due to personal settings, a pop-up window may not appear. In this case, return to Step 2.)
+ Click on whichever icon appears in your pop-up window.


If none of these methods are working
for you, try flipping the card over and inserting
the chip into the USB port again.


Congratulations! Activating your Kela Personal Health Record (pHR) Card is the first step to becoming an Empowered Patient and Taking Healthcare into Your Own Hands™.

You will begin by registering your Kela pHR Card with your personal information.

After registration, the next step is beginning the process of populating your card with your medical history and documents. Your Cumulative Patient Profile (CPP) is a one-page summary of your important medical history, and
covers information such as medications, risk factors, allergies, health conditions, and physician contact. Once you have logged in for the first time, you will be taken to the home page and see a BEGIN HERE button.

From there, you can obtain a copy of your medical records from your primary physician or specialist, and start adding those records to your Medical Documents section of the card. You may be eligible for assistance on uploading the information onto your Kela pHR Card, depending on the service plan you have. You can upgrade your service plan at any time by contacting Kela Customer Care.