A base level service plan is included with the purchase of your Kela pHR card. It is suitable for someone who is completely comfortable with computers. However, if you will require some assistance maintaining an accurate record by scanning, faxing, and downloading medical documents, Kela provides you two additional service plan options in order to make it as easy as possible to create a full and accurate health record.

Kela pHR Card

The Kela pHR Card is a wallet-sized smart card complete with a 2GB memory chip that can be flipped out and plugged into any standard USB port. This is enough space to store an entire medical record, including diagnostic imaging such as MRIs, X-rays, and Ultrasounds. The chip is pre-installed with state-of-the-art software that allows for easy management of your medical records, while the portable aspect of the card allows for instant access to the information anywhere in the world. Your information is securely stored on the card, protected by 1024 bit encryption technology and a personal password set by you.

Beyond the features built into the Kela pHR Card, Kela Medical now offers the option of services to assist you with keeping your record up to date and accurate.

Past Record Sync

Kela Medical recommends that all users of the Kela pHR Card obtain a copy of their medical chart from their healthcare providers. Once this has occurred, the ‘Past Record Sync’ service offered by Kela Medical allows users to fax or mail the full chart to the Kela Medical head office for it to be scanned and uploaded to their online portal. Users can then download the files to their personal computers and put them onto their card.

The second option available to users is for them to consent for Kela Medical to obtain their various records from each healthcare provider. By consenting Kela Medical to do so, each user will be responsible for any fee that is encountered during the process. (I.e.; photocopying charges by physicians) By completing this process, it ensures that future healthcare providers will have an entire picture of your health and therefore able to make better decisions about your well-being.

Redeemable K-Points

K-Points is the custom points system offered by Kela Medical. You can accumulate these points by consistently updating your health information. By using the many features that card and online portal offers, you will earn K-Points that can be redeemable for gift cards to your favorite restaurants, and online entities.

K-Points also reflect your status as an ‘Empowered Patient’ and give you a visual guide of how protected you are from medical errors. The more K-Points you earn, the more empowered you are in taking charge of your own health. The online portal includes a visible status bar that clearly shows where you stand in the process and offers helpful hints for how you can better protect yourself by updating your card. K-Points can be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite restaurants, or online entities by simply protecting yourself and maintaining your medical record.

Live Training

Live training is a 10-20 minute one to one tutorial on how to use your Kela pHR Card. By contacting our office and setting up a consultation, you will be able to ask any questions you may about the Kela pHR Card system. Our office is located in Whitby, Ontario and consultations run from 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

If you are not located within a reasonable distance of the Kela Medical head office, we can provide you with a live tutorial via a video web conference where a trained Kela Medical representative can verbally answer any questions that you have while providing screen shots and visual aids.

Personal Concierge

With some packages, you are assigned a personal concierge to manage your documents on the Kela pHR Card. You will be given a direct line to an individual at the Kela Medical head office who will coordinate and help you maintain your health database. Your concierge will personally instruct you on how you can best protect yourself and your family from medical errors while building upon a health record for your future encounters with the healthcare system.

Fax to Card

The ‘fax to card’ service is designed for users who do not own a scanner of their own. By faxing a copy of their medical document to the Kela Medical head office, it will be uploaded to the users online portal where it can then be downloaded and added to their pHR card. This service gives users who are less comfortable with computers the ability to upload files from healthcare providers that are completely paper based.

Card Upgrade

Kela Medical is dedicated to be the leading provider of personal health record technology in the world. As technological advances occur, new state of the art features will be added to the Kela pHR Card. Depending on the service package you select, you will become eligible to receive a new card throughout your subscription. With each release of new software, it will become easier and faster to maintain a complete record of your health through increased usability and interactive features.

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